Preparing and assisting in the conclusion of a contract between the parties

Ingatlan adás vételi szerződés kötésOur company places great emphasis on professionally and impartially assisting the Buyer and the Seller in the preparation of contracts, clarifying the terms and definitions related to the conclusion of the contract. Attention is drawn to the meaning of each clause, its effect, its consequences and its commitments. Taxes, duties and other incidental expenses of the parties are disclosed in order to avoid any unexpected costs being incurred later by either side. We participate and arrange the negotiation and preparation of contracts as required.

With the buyer, respectively. for the purpose of reaching an agreement with the tenant, our company is willing to undertake negotiations, taking into account the interests of both parties and assisting with the preparation of drafts and final contracts. The sole purpose of our mediation role is for the parties to sign their agreement to their mutual satisfaction.

Most contracts, apart from some basic terms, differ from one another in that they are composed of a number of elements that are considered unique and are generally concluded between parties with different interests. Using our professional experience, we offer various solutions to the mutual interests of the parties in order to reach a mutual agreement. These alternatives provide the parties with a margin of maneuver to significantly increase the chances of a successful agreement. Just a few of the factors that can be considered in many cases during negotiations:

rent, term, deposit, guarantee, security, deposit, overhead, common cost, payment method, different types of taxes, utilities, deadlines, acquisition, currency, purchase price, ownership, advance, deposit, installment, deferred payment, credit construct , liquidity value, surety, leasing, maturity, interest, foreclosure, utility settlement, title transfer, income tax, tax relief, utility, guardianship, annuity, maintenance, joint ownership, undivided property, pre-contract, individual or company, filing obligation, etc.

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